Is Oracle NetSuite ERP for you?

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Working with 80% of the Norweigan Oracle NetSuite customers, Ratio Management is in a strong position to help you with broad expertise and long experience.

About Oracle NetSuite & Ratio Management

As the largest Oracle NetSuite partner in Norway, with a team of certified Oracle NetSuite consultants and project managers in our Oslo and Stavanger offices in Norway and with a team of senior Oracle NetSuite consultants and technical team in India, we help organisations achieve business value out of their ERP investments.

As the leading NetSuite partner in Norway we can help with:

  • Fit/gap assessment & scoping for your business
  • Demonstrate application
  • License Cost estimates
  • Implementation Cost Estimates

We are helping medium-sized and growth organizations implement the Oracle NetSuite ERP system, enhancing their capabilities to work efficiently with all their information in one place. Oracle NetSuite is a market-leading multi tenant ERP system being 100% cloud-based, giving you all the benefits of the cloud and utilizing AI in the best way possible.

With knowledge of both local statutory requirements and business practices, business experience and a strong team of internationally experienced team members we are a passionate team eager to help improve your business.

When to consider Oracle NetSuite

From startup to enterprise, Oracle NetSuite are the #1 cloud ERP business software solution.

Adaptability has never been more important. Oracle NetSuite gives you the visibility and control to make the right decisions now.

From small startups to large Fortune 500 companies operating in over 200 countries in a wide range of industries choose Oracle NetSuite. Oracle NetSuite is the fastest growing cloud ERP application in Scandinavia and companies ranging from small startups to large multinationals are selecting Oracle NetSuite ERP.

Oracle NetSuite is the fastest growing cloud based ERP system and used in all industries, with broad capabilities and localisations in most countries around the world. Ratio Management is experienced with localisations in Norway and a number of other countries around the globe.

Choosing a business software solution involves considering a variety of factors based on your company’s specific needs, industry, and growth objectives. Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management software suite.

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Broad functionality across all business needs

NetSuite provides the necessary capabilities across all business functions, from CRM, finance, supply chain and manufacturing with flexibility to decide what is needed depending on your business model and needs.
  1. Global model supporting multi-currency, inter-company and consolidation, including support for multi-books, allowing reporting of both local and IFRS accounting standards.
  2. SuiteCloud platform offers a low/no-code platform to customise any unique needs you may have and with the SuiteApp store, hundreds of applications built on the NetSuite platform for specific business needs can be quickly installed in to your account.
  3. Netsuite is an open platform with hundreds of open API’s giving the flexibility to integrate other applications to streamline and automate business processes

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, please feel free to reach out to us for a discussion on how Ratio Management can assist you in your ERP journey.

Discover the apps that extend the power of Oracle NetSuite

SuiteApp.com features hundreds of quality solutions, built using the SuiteCloud platform. Visit tje SuiteApps to learn more through video, images, case studies and data sheets. With the Built for NetSuite verification program, you have confidence in extending Oracle NetSuite with our SuiteApps.

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