Transform Your Document Management with M-Files: A Partnership for Excellence

Welcome to a world where efficiency meets innovation. We are proud to partner with M-Files, a globally recognized leader in document management solutions.

M-Files is revolutionizing how businesses handle their documents, offering intelligent, AI-driven automation that streamlines processes, enhances collaboration, and secures data. With M-Files, experience a seamless blend of document creation, workflow automation, and compliance management, tailored to fit industry-specific needs. Join us in embracing this transformative platform and elevate your business to new heights of productivity and compliance assurance.

  • Centralized access control
  • Version control
  • Workflow automation including external workflows
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Global collaboration

RM is a M-Files implementation partner

Global Maritime is the first RM customer live with both systems

M-Files is an acknowledged global leading and true cloud AI-powered document management system that centralizes, organizes, and secures business data across various systems, localizations, and enhancing operational efficiency
M-Files can be implemented stand-alone (without NetSuite) and be a separate business stream within RM
M-Files has a great potential within the existing NetSuite customer base as it provides known weaknesses not supported by NetSuite, NetSuite partners, nor Teams/SharePoint
M-Files is winning larger and larger logos in Norway, including Statens Veivesen
Want to know more about M-Files?
Drop us a note at: contact@ratiomanagement.no
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